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About us

The creation of Belgium Business Group goes back to the year 2008. Through years of experience as a consultant, it was clear that many companies often look for partners who specialise in certain subjects and have the necessary expertise and experience.

They searched for a programmer, they searched for a marketing specialist, they searched for a graphic designer, they searched for people who could build a smartphone application or they searched for solutions for the development of a new business project or even new ideas to innovate.

Today, Belgium Business Group is a point of contact where you can go for the complete realisation of a project, … from concept to product.


Pharmalocks is a locker concept built for pharmacies to provide their customers with a new customer experience to pick up their orders 24/7.

We configured a range of very nice products for users so they can build their own digital world controlled by apps.

At CellaSoft we believe working with unique barcodes for every product is the best way to run a warehouse.

It makes warehouse management much easier and you can also run some specific features like FEFO, working with scanners to check stock quantity, split batches on different locations, optimize picking and use some specific rules to create better service for your customers.

Customer became more demanding and they want more flexibility when it comes to their orders, even when they buy online.  One of the most important demands is to receive the products when it suits them.

Our team of qualified software developers and product engineers created an ingenious, flexible and reliable solution for any business to provide its customers with a brand new service.  … We’re talking about a range of electronic devices combined with smartphone applications which will change customer services forever.

Gegaco is an innovative web portal to manage a product list, stock management and order management for belgian electricians.

The Maggieweb concept was created more than 10 years ago with the Maggie concept. At the time, Maggie worked as a virtual secretary who simplified the administrative work between customer and wholesaler by exchanging digital orders and dispatch notes.

The maggie concept was later upgraded and an order application was developed that is still known to this day by MaggieWeb. MaggieWeb does not currently allow you to exchange a few digital documents, but it also allows you to place orders or manage your practice.

In recent years, we have also been actively developing a new multi shop experience where customers can purchase products from different suppliers.

Petfood distri center is a concept for professionals to order petfood at a wholesaler which is also providing dropshipment services.

Expand your e-commerce or retail business

Pharma Fulfilment is a young dynamic company specializing in the distribution of pharmaceutical products sold online through partner webshops or as a home delivery service for retailers. 

We have created the most flexible logistic services so every partner can focus on further business development while our company focuses on performing and optimizing their logistic challenges

Easiest way to manage your logistics

Add your contacts and generate labels instantly using our web SaaS platform.

Easy to use driver app gets your tracking started on the first day itself.

StoraCase is a flexible service provider for storage solutions. At our company you can order empty boxes, fill them and store those boxes at our warehouse until you need them again.

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